vSphere 7.0U2: Migrating vmkernel management from standard switch to distributed switch port group – losing connectivity

Hi all! I suspect that I am doing something wrong here but I can’t get where I am missing something or making a mistake.


Home Lab Environment:

– 192.168.90.X/24 network – no VLANs involved

– 3 ESXi hosts


I am trying to install and prepare NSX-V which requires dswitch connectivity for the appliance uplinks.

vSAN / vMotion traffic is already running on a separate vnic and on a second dswitch, no issues here.


However as soon as I try to migrate the management vmkernel from the standard switch (created during installation) to a newly created dswitch port group (VLAN type: non here) using the migration wizard, I immediately lose connectivity to the hosts as well as to the vCenter although it is basically the same network. I migrate all physical adapters, vmkernel + vm networking from the switch to a dswitch port group during the process.

The configuration is then rolled back automatically after some moments and connectivity is restored.

So far I also created additional vmkernel adapters on all three hosts on a distributed port group – no pinging to them possible from the network after creation.

Am I missing something important?

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  1. You need 2 nics move one to the dvswitch and leave the other on the std switch? Migrate vcenter then move the nic from the std switch to the dvswitch.

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