vSphere Auto Deploy stateful installs — How to prevent a local datastore from being created?

I’m new to vSphere Auto Deploy so forgive me if this is a beginner question. Googling “vSphere Auto Deploy without local datastore” did not give me a solution.

I have dozens of servers with local disks. I want Auto Deploy to install ESXi on the local disk (so a stateFUL install), but I do NOT want a local datastore created since I use shared storage for everything.

I have Auto Deploy working but my servers end up with local datastores. I then have to spend time deleting the local datastores (and also wonder if I need to worry that I am deleting “vmkdump” folders on those datastores).

Is there a way to configure Auto Deploy to NOT create a local datastore when doing a stateFUL installation?

Running vSphere 6.7 U3.

Thank you for your time!

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  1. This is not the answer you are looking for but I’m just curious why you are deploying esxi to localdisks? This looks wasting disk resources to me. What brand and model servers are you using?

  2. I don’t think you can set a flag in the Host Profile to *not* create datastore1, but you probably could use a ScriptBundle in your rule set that removes the local DS post boot.

  3. I just did a test with version 6.7 U3 and 7.0b in my workstation. I gave 100GB disk.

    6.7 U3 created the local DS after installation but 7.0 did not. Is it possible you to go with 7.0?


    7.0b – [https://ibb.co/D89MJXg](https://ibb.co/D89MJXg)6.7 U3 – [https://ibb.co/r4knTn6](https://ibb.co/r4knTn6)

    You can try with 7.0 in your environment.

    This is because partitioning changed in 7.0, It’s now keeping first 128 GB to itself.


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