vSphere distributed switch networking (2x 10G + 4x 1G)

I have 3x DL380 G6 esxi hosts with Chelsio T520-CR (2x10G) and 4x1G each.

1x DL380p Gen8 shared iscsi storage (T520-CR) and later i will install

1x DL380p Gen8 iscsi backup server.


My **current** distributed switch configuration:

1x distributed switch (MTU 9000)

iscsi 1 port group

iscsi 2 port group

I need 2 more iscsi port groups when backup server is installed

vMotion port group

Uplinks: 2x10G from each host


Standard vsphere switch configuration (1G’s):

VM Network standard switch 0

Management standard switch 0

Internet network (pfSense) standard switch 1


**Plan 1**.

Should i make one big distributed switch (maybe MTU 1500 because of VM network), 2x 10Gb per host and put there:

vMotion pg

Provisioning pg

4x iscsi pg’s

VM network pg

and another distributed switch for management (1G) and internet (1G)

Or is this too much for 2x 10Gb per host?


**Plan 2.**

vds 1 (2x 10Gb per host) (MTU 9000):

vMotion pg

Provisioning pg

iscsi pg’s


vds 2 (4x 1Gb per host) (MTU 1500):

VM network pg

Management pg

internet pg


**Plan 3.**

Something else, what?

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