VSphere without Vcenter

I was wondering if you can install vsphere with having esxi hypervisor as the host? I’m a beginner so I apologize if the question is incorrect, any help will greatly appreciate it.

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  1. vCenter, in pretty simple terms, is really just a management component to give you a single centralized place to manage and coordinate vsphere related tasks across multiple hosts.

    If you only have one host, you’ll probably be okay without leveraging it.

  2. Think of vSphere like so:
    – ESXi hosts are your physical servers that build the foundation for the virtual environment
    – vCenter manages the ESXi hosts, allowing them to talk and perform tasks as a group
    – More vCenters can be added in “Linked Mode” for more physical sites and datacenters.
    – vSphere is how ALL of the above is managed

    When you go further in your studies you will learn about vSAN, NSX, vRO, vRA, SRM, etc. All VMware solutions – and all integrate into or with vSphere!

  3. Lol, thanks for the quick reply and clarification. Is the esxi a good bare metal hypervisor to use at home for testing OSes or learning how to set up servers? Or there other software that is a lot better to use?

  4. So for future reference, VSphere = esxi (host) + venter. Any other reference is of the individual part. As others have said, yes you can have esxi without vcenter. You lose out of all the magic that vcenter brings but it very much is viable

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