VWMARE Essentials Plus & Hot-add/Hot Plug / Licensing

When I try to change the RAM/CPU on a running VM, I get the message that there is no license. I tried to find out if it is supported in a Essentials Plus License, but could not find an answer. That’s one of the links I found:

[VMware vSphere 6 Editionen Funktionsunterschiede – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki (thomas-krenn.com)](https://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wiki/VMware_vSphere_6_Editionen_Funktionsunterschiede)

But it seems that VCenter is essentials for both licenses, but I can’t find any details of it, to be sure, that’s the problem.

If that’s the limitation, if we would be a full version of VCenter Standard, it should be possible?

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  1. So ESXi hosts need to have a vSphere Advanced or above license assigned to them to be able to use CPU hot add. When you have vCenter Essentials, the included license for the hosts is a vSphere essentials license. So yeah, you’re not licensed. Sorry 🙁

    What’s interesting is that I remember this from my 6.7 text book when I did DCV earlier this year, but wanted to Google to find an online source to double check myself, and give you a source. I didn’t find anything recent or on the VMware website. I had to get my text book out!

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