Weird behavior at login with 1607 ltsc instant clones leveraging VGPU (laggy right click)

Hey all,


So I’ve just updated my master image, and upgraded our vgpu drivers (on hosts and clients).


At login, there’s a weir delay, where if I try to access the context menu (right click) on the windows start menu, there’s a huge delay, and then eventually it works and continues to work with no problem. I’m digging through event logs now, but has anyone experienced this?

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  1. I get that even on physical machines sometimes and by going in the newer builds I’m seeing even more problems with the UI, especially if the user is not a local admin … the QA at microsoft these days is pure crap

    as drivers go and to limit compatibility issues, I try to use the ones from windows update 1st if available and if these don’t work well or are a no go, the manufacturer ones are the 2nd choice

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