Weird BSOD

I’m trying to make the usual Windows 10 virtual machine with VMware workstation 15 pro 15.0.4. My other ubuntu virtual machine works fine but when I make it, stock settings, and start it up, I get an instant Blue screen of death. And not on the virtual machine, but my fucking computer. It just baffles me, and kinda scares me as well. Anyone know what the issue may be?

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  1. I’d check your configurations. There could be something you’re giving to the VM that the host doesn’t like. Or if you’re over provisioning your cpu or ram to the vm and not leaving enough to the host. The logs may help too. I have a host that purple screened today (VMWARE esxi 6.5) and it looks like it was because of a bad stick of ram. So it could be anything really. Your best bet would be to grab a pic of your blue screen and analyze it. There is also a dump reader for after the fact analysis of blue screen dump files that might help too.

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