what are the best specification for buying a new laptop if i m willing to run multiple vmware at the same time ?

>I am searching for a best specification for a laptop to buy that doesn’t freeze while using multiple VMware’s . I was about to buy **ASUS rog strix g531** , but I have some concerns about technical support or finding body parts in case it was down , so I have return searching for another laptop . I seriously need some help from regular users of VMware .

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  1. ESXi or Workstation ?

    When you say run “VMware’s”, do you mean running multiple virtual machines ? What do you want to run on those VMs? Is this just to learn operations in industry for example Windows Server / SQL / RHEL etc ? Or are you looking at running workstation at home and using it to run games?

  2. Why don’t you take that money and run something in the cloud? It will be WAY cheaper – unless you need it to run 24/7…well it they case why would you run it on a laptop. You can also get cheap 2nd hand refurbed servers on eBay.

    The kind of laptop you are looking for goes for thousands….just get an Alienware, the Razor line, or the new Lenovo laptops…

  3. I run VMWare Workstation 15 on my Acer Predator PH517-61.
    RAM is increased to 32GB, mechanical drive to a Samsung 860 Evo and crappy Killer WiFi to Intel AX200.
    No problems running multiple VM’s as the CPU is an AMD Ryzen 7 2700.

  4. hardware specs will be the deciding factor for this – strong cpu with as many cores as possible for the budget, lots or ram and ssd storage, the brand will matter less

    OS wise, windows with workstation will run well as long as there are no crappy drivers for the hardware, or macos with fusion will skip the drivers issues, but the total cost and possible less powerful hardware may be a downside …

  5. > multiple VMware’s

    For lord´s sake… VMware is the company NAME. Not the technology, not the product name…. please!

    You could also be more specific about what do you want. How many “VIRTUAL MACHINES” do you want/need to run? What for? What OS?

    Please… help us, help you

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