What license do I need to set alarms

Hopefully a quick one here.

I want to be able to enable alarms/email notifications on vSphere 6.7 web client, but when I go to Monitor I dont have ‘Issues’ or anything alarm related.

The alarms will be used for monitoring datastores, VM memory, that kind of stuff.

I suspect this is because I’m using the free edition/license for VMware.

What is the cheapest edition/license that will allow me to use alarms? If anyone has the Essential license and could check you’d be my hero!

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  1. Essentials Plus will allow you to configure the SMTP agent and send email alarms. You’ll have the ability to configure the pre-created alarms to send notifications, or create any alarm you’d like and have it notify you. There is no limitation on alarms based on the paid edition (e.g. Essentials Plus vs. Enterprise).

    The main requirement is the vCenter server since the SMTP agent exists there, so Essentials Plus would be the cheapest option to get vCenter as long as you have 6 processors or less in the hosts you plan to alert from. If you have more than 6 procs in your hosts you’ll need to buy vCenter standard and ESXi licenses for every proc.

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