What’s the deal with the vSphere UI?

I work helpdesk and I decided to take some VMware training – just the very first “install, configure, manage” class – very low-level.

This is the most time that I’ve ever really spent at once in vSphere and I’m *astounded* about how bad the user interface for vSphere is.

like…almost every object that you can select in the left-most panel (VMs, resource groups, hosts, etc) will give you a bunch of buttons on the top in the middle panel. Fine. That makes sense.

But then there’s some things that on one type of object that will bring up a wizard, where other things it will redirect the middle panel. (for example “settings” on a host, I think, brings up the panel, while a similar option on a VM will bring up another window, and on a third type will bring up a wizard).

Do they just not hire UI designers, or what?

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  1. Use PowerCLI. Problem solved.

    No, I agree, it takes some getting used to. I got familiar on the 5.5 fat client, and now am most comfortable on the 6.5 Flash, and am getting used to the HTML5 client in 6.7, which still drives me nuts.

  2. Job security. Just like Cisco command line for switches. Once you get good at it you look like a magician to anyone watching and thinking, “What the hell, that’s like 7 clicks, four sub menus, and 2 tabs to change a simple options.” And that’s only if you started from the right place. Only thing I’ve seen that is worse is the UI for Mitel on-premise phone server.

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