Where can one find VMWARE VCP’s who are available to travel

Seems that UPWork is a no-go and might get you banned if you try to hire them on physical locations

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  1. If you’re looking to hire someone for some work based on certification, I’d recommend looking for people who hold VCAPs. I’ve worked with customers with VCP in their email signature alphabet soup, and I was surprised they could spell “VMware”.

  2. If you are wanting people with talent and skill certification should not be your primary requirement. Certification is a nice to have but past experience and drive are by far more important especially when dealing with existing infrastructure.

  3. I think VMware has their own part of support services that do onsite assistance, probably pretty expensive, but might be able to look there?

    In addition i agree with u/theVelement – look for someone with at least a VCAP or VCIX if you’re going to contract an individual, while the VCP shows that you can pass a cert test, it most definitely will not go over specific use cases like a migration between your two types of environments.

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