Why is the boot bank so small?

ESXi 6.7u2
I’m trying to setup a VDI cluster with NSX-T, vSAN, and Nvidia GPUs. Problem is that with the official ISO there isn’t enough space in the boot bank to install NSX-T after the other two are installed.

VMware’s official suggestion is to just go in and start removing VIBs that I don’t think are in use. My suggestion is that they make the boot bank bigger.

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  1. Hit the exact same problem last week (simply big vendor VMware-custom-image with all their hardware drivers).

    Nvidia drivers failed to install, so we deleted some VIBs.

    Problem is: how do you update in the future? It will fail because then again the boot bank would be too small 🙁

    It’s an old problem and i have no idea why VMware wouldn’t increase the bootbank size

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