Will upgrading from VMware Fusion 7.x or 8.x to 11.5 break anything?

So, I’ve never used VMWare, I don’t know jack about it, I use Parallels and also I keep my software updated like a human being, unlike the below client.

I have a user who is currently using VMWare either 8.x or maybe 7.x (I haven’t looked in a while). This means they are stuck keeping their computers on Sierra, and they’re starting to run into some performance issues with their local machines that could potentially be solved by getting on High Sierra or Mojave, but of course that would mean they would need to move their VMWare version up as well. I’ve seen plenty of articles on how to upgrade from 10 to 11, and I haven’t seen anything specifically telling me not to push like 10 years worth of updates, buuuut if these VM’s don’t work on the new version, we’re going to have big trouble in little China, because they’ve got a bunch of weird little settings, add ons, etc, that I don’t want to try and replicate on a new VM.

I am definitely going to make a backup of the VM in any event, but does anyone know if this will even work? I’d also need to upgrade their OS in between uninstalling the old one and installing the new one.

Thanks all!

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  1. VMs created on Fusion 7 should run just fine on Fusion 11.5

    You don’t need to upgrade the VM itself, i.e the VM’s should be kept at their current hardware version. If the VMs have VMware tools installed, it is recommended to upgrade tools.

    Back up everything!

  2. fusion 8.x si supported up to sierra or high sierra, 11.x for newer

    the upgrade is seamless, you may need to upgrade vmware tools inside the vm’s at the end

    always backup before

    consider fresh installs for catalina since you’re not upgrading from the previous osx version and the file system changes are big

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