Win 10 higher vCPU than 7?

We are finalizing our Windows 10 on Horizon rollout, and our servers are struggling.

We had 6 Cisco blades with 2 x Xeon cpus with 8 cores each. For the new system, we went with 3 Hyperflex hosts with 2 x Xeons with 18 cores each and M10 GPUs backing them up. We have about 80% of our users moved over, and the hosts are running about 80-90% utilization. Same software, same users.

We did change from 2 vCPUs to 4, but ran into CPU wait issues. I backed it down to 3, and when I look at the CPU utilization on one of the VMs in vCenter, it shows they are running at about 70%.

I do run OSOT before recomposing, so I’m not sure why the CPUs are running so hot?

Our VAR is recommending 2 more hosts.

Anybody else find a magic bullet for something like this?

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  1. You’re in a situation where you could do two things:

    A; Troubleshoot the environment, monitor the desktops, find rogue/busy processes and deal with them.
    B: take your baseline performance you have, look at a sizing guide or two for windows 10 then adjust your host count accordingly to accommodate the desktops.

    You could very well do a, but still require b.

    I’m not a fan of 1,2 vcpu. You just won’t find a pc built with this few cores manufactured in the past 5-8 years. Multi core CPU’s are here and have been for some time.

    If it were me, I’d jump straight to B now, get the PO and delivery on the way, then do A while you wait for it to arrive. It’s also only going to get worse with each release. On that topic, a colleague or mine from VMware, Hilko has shown that release after release from windows 10 pushes the resource requirements higher and higher to no end. If your VAR says 2, order 4 (budget allowing) and have some breathing space for the next few updates.

    Microsoft doesn’t care about cramming windows 10 into a matchbox. It’s just not a priority of theirs.

  2. What are the physical cpu benchmarks? Intel has a bad habit of making newer processor slower than the old ones. I had seen new system at half the performance of the 5 year old ones. 3x more cores, but who cares about that.

  3. if you are using Win10 without an gpus allocated through horizon view…all your rendering of the desktop experience, 3d, encoding/decoding will be heavily taxing your cpu…

    we utilized amd firepros over pcoip with 1gb gpu profile win10 and the desktop experience was very sluggish….we swapped over to nvidia teslas with vmware blast and had a noticeable difference in the experience, folders and start menu was snappy, launching apps was quicker while watching the decode/encode processes offload onto the gpus instead of taxing the cpu

  4. Have been running 10 on 2vCPU with 4GB of RAM without any issues. ~2500 VMs, some vGPU but mostly not, most with PCoIP offloaded to Apex cards. Have tweaked the optimizations to our needs as much as possible to limit resource usage. Which profile have you been using with the Optimization tool?

  5. ​

    What is your total compute given previously vs today in MHz? I ask because if your applications are single threaded and your core clock speed is lower on the new hosts you could have found your issue.

    Do you have any GPOs or scripts that are enabling services, processes, etc. post running the OSOT tool?

    Do you perform any tweaks for performance? Disable nagle, etc.?

    Power management on the each host is set to high performance per the vendor?

    SSD storage?

  6. Is there any storage limitation introduced with the new cluster? Is it using a new SAN backend of the same? We’ve seen cpu wait due to excessive disk latency before

  7. Yeah, this is my reason for retaining 7 in my office. Windows 10 has some background crap that likes to just top out the CPU whenever it feels it wants to do a task. Happens in my homelab all the time (even on sandboxed VM’s not updated or connected to the network to receive updates). Really a pain in the ass, as it also likes to top out drive access.


    Until I see a reliable solution, my office will be staying on Windows 7.

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