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I’ve got a Win98 VM that runs perfectly on a Win7-64 Pro box with VMware Workstation version=12.5.5.


I’m moving to Win10-64 Pro and have installed the latest 12.5.9.


I can bring up an XP VM with multiple cores, so I know that my BIOS settings and VMWare itself are all working, but the Win98 VM crashes immediately.


Comparing the log on the Win7-64 box with the Win10 box, I can see that the Win10 goes South after line 1396:


VMXVmdb_SetToolsVersionStatus: status value set to ‘ok’, ‘current’, install possible


where it says “Dumping core for vcpu-0”


The logs for Win7 and Win64 are almost identical up to that point.


The Win10 log with the crash is vmware.log and the Win7 log where it works is vmware-0.log


I’m not sure how to proceed?  I tried upgrading it to the Workstation 12 virtual machine on the Win7 box, but that had no effect when trying to run the Win98 VM on Win10.


What obvious stupid mistake am I making?  Portability of VM’s is kind of the whole point of VMware, and I really need to get this working.  I think I had it originally running years ago on XP, so I’m surprised to see this fail as VMWare has been such a great tool to work with!!  Totally essential!


Thanks in advance!!!!

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