Windows 10 ( 1903 ) “.vmdk” / virtual machine doesn’t start!



Did anybody face this error / similar situation while trying to start the VM from “VMware Workstation 15”?

**ERROR ::** Could not get snapshot information: Insufficient permissions. Module ‘Snapshot’ power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.

The information i found browsing through web are as follows. Looks to be an issue with “Windows 10 Creators Update”. If anybody comes across the solution, please let know.



i am using **” VMware Workstation 15.0.3 build-12422535 “.**

I am able to open and use the same ” .vmdk ” file / image in Virtualbox 6.x perfectly fine, But Virtualbox has limitation of using / having support for ” OpenGL 2.x ” only and i need “OpenGL 3.x” support which is available with “VMWARE”, so that i will be able to open / use application like “SketchUP Pro / Viewer ” in Windows Guest Operating System. Latest version of OpenGL enables “3D Hardware Acceleration” which is MUST for apps like Sketchup. 2.x is not supporting the H/W Acceleration.


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  1. Let’s go ahead and start with the obvious. Was this created in virtualbox? I’m guessing it was. Then you tried to import it into workstation? It doesnt work like that. You need to create a whole new VM in workstation without a hard drive. Then you add the vmdk to the new VM and make sure the bus type matches. Probably IDE, maybe SCSI. Stop using virtualbox.

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