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We are currently building a new GM for Windows 10 1909. I have used the official VMware guide to set everything up with OSOT and have used a customized template derived from the 1909 template that OSOT provides. We are using Instant-Clones with floating assignment.


Now with all the optimization done using the newest versions for Horizon, DEM and AppVolumes, I have found that the Login times are double that of our current 1809 branch. Granted we are using mandatory profiles but as this is no longer best practice, I did not set one up this time. I have since gone back and used the default OSOT template to rule out the possibilities of having anything active that might prolong the Login process.


Using Splunk and the Uberagent I have found that the loading of DEM and policies takes the usual amount of time, but the initialization of the profile in Windows itself takes a very long time.


Has anyone encountered this issue? Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint what is taking so long during setup as all the environment logging seems to do nothing and the few things I have found don’t explain why it is taking so long. Last tests without DEM and AppVolumes have shown that the shell load time can be anywhere between 30 to 70 seconds.


Appreciate any ideas or info you might have.


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