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With windows 10 v1809 I am trying to use a mandatory profile, and build my image per the optimization guide located here:  Creating an Optimized Windows Image for a VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop | VMware


I have been working through the 1809 issues, but still have one major one.  The Microsoft store will not disable even through my group policy is setting the HKLM registry values correctly.  The following scenarios happen:


Log in with a local administrator account | windows store disables and you get the message “disabled by your IT department” like expected.


Log in as a domain user through a published pool with a mandatory profile | windows store opens and ignores the registry values.


Log in to the master image through vsphere console with domain user | windows signs you in with a temp profile and the store ignores the registry values and the store is available.


Why is the store not disabling when the configuration value is a computer based value?  In my opinion it should not matter what user or profile type is utilized the store should be disabled per the HKLM value regardless.


my environment:

horizon 7.7

windows 10 v1809 enterprise KMS client key licensed.





looking for assistance, as i don’t know how to proceed.

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