Windows Guest stuck on two vCPUs – ESXi 7

# EDIT: Solved! #


Today I’ve set up my first windows guest in ESXi 7 (Free). I’ve assinged 2 cores to it. Works fine. But Now I need more then two so I changed it to four. But even after restarting guest AND HOST it’s still stuck on two cores. I’ve added a linux machine with 8 cores, 8 cores shown in htop. I changed it to 4, 2 and 8 again, works fine. Then I hanged the cores of my windows machine to 8, taskmanager and resource monitor shows 2 cores. How do I get my machine to 4 cores?

Info: Guest is Windows 10 x64 Pro 2004, when creating the VM this was also specified in guest family and version.

Pls help, thanks!

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  1. how did you layout the CPUs? 1 socket with 4-core or 2 sockets with 2 cores each? I think you need Windows Pro Workstation to support multiple sockets.

  2. In ESXi if you configured the guest with 2 vCPUs it will auto assign 2 sockets with 1 core per socket for the Guest OS by default
    If you increased number of vCPUs it will keep 2 sockets as is while increasing number of cores per socket.
    So if you configured it as 4 vCPUs it will appear in the guest OS as 2 CPUs with 2 cores per each CPU
    You can check you Windows Task Manager under Performance tab you will find it populated with 2 Sockets and 2 cores per each.

    I think this only occurs with Windows 10 and older client OS versions as i noticed in Windows servers “and other Linux Guest OS’s” when you add extra vCPUs it reflects as extra Sockets “with 1 core per socket” by default

    But in all ways you can shutdown your Guest VM and configure the Socket/cores configuration under VM Settings CPU configurations.

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