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Hello, everyone. I have a little problem in VMware Workstation Pro 15.latest, in which I am entirely unable to install a Windows XP VM if it’s an x64 install. My problem lies within the first part of installing. The installer gets stuck on “Setup is starting Windows”. I’ve actually waited 2 days just to see if anything would happen while I waited, but after 48 hours, the Setup was still at “Setup is starting Windows”.

I’ve tried installing XP x64 with multiple ISOs, all genuine from Microsoft (verified Hash), with and without SP2, different Disk configurations (LSI Logic and Paravirtualized SCSI, IDE on LSI, SCSI on both and SATA on LSI) and different amounts of RAM allocated (varying from 512MB up to 8GB, every major increment tested). I’ve even attempted to load the SCSI driver VMware provides in the Resources directory, only to be notified that the VM needs to run x86 to support this driver.

Now, those are all the troubleshooting steps I’ve taken, all to no avail. The thing that confuses me the most is the fact that *every* x86 XP ISO available from MSDN installs without any issue whatsoever.

In case this is relevant, I currently run Windows 10 Feature Update 2004 (Slow Insider Build latest update).

I would really appreciate some help on this topic as I need a Windows XP x64 VM for testing purposes soon. **Please keep the comments relevant.**

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