Workspace One on iOS

We are working on a deployment of Workspace One and the question came up about being able to have email flow into the Apple Mail app on iPhones instead of using Boxer. Is it possible to do this with Workspace One so that email and contacts sync into the default iOS apps and then are available to other applications such as the phone app being able to read the contacts when someone calls? I know this is possible with other MDM systems, but I was not sure if Workspace One has this ability.

Thank you.

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  1. Technically it’s
    Workspace ONE UEM – Old AirWatch console… All things MDM
    Workspace ONE – mobile app you could enroll a device with or use stand alone app catalog and web user portal fronting vIDM.. superceded by
    Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub – mobile app and now standard web portal of our combined app portal, notifications, custom tabs, etc
    Workspace ONE A cess – former vIDM

    Sure I’m forgetting something…

    So if you question is can we use Workspace ONE UEM to push a profile to an enrolled device via Hub or WS1 app. Then yes that’s one of the basic configs.

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