Workstation 16 DirectX 11?

Hi all,

I have a Ryzen 3900x with an RTX 2060 running Windows 10 and VMware Workstation 15.

One of the VMs I run on this machine, as a guest, is another Windows 10 machine which I use for light gaming of older titles that work with DirectX 10 (accessed via Steam In-Home Streaming). This is useful to me because sometimes my partner wants to use the main machine’s power to play modern games, such as Pathfinder: Kingmaker, while I play an older game, say Modern Warfare 2, in the VM and stream it to my workstation. So we’re both able to use the same machine’s power.

I’m thinking of upgrading to Workstation 16 simply because it now supports DirectX 11. This, to me, seems huge because there is now potential for a much more vast library of games to work; DirectX 10 was very limiting, but the ability to use DirectX 11 is potentially huge. Almost all triple-A titles could now potentially be played, with a handful of exceptions.

My performance requirements are not huge (medium settings, 1080p, no fancy antialiasing, no DLSS, etc). I know the performance will tank, and I’m open to upgrading to an RTX 3080 or something if that will help brute-force away some of these problems, but I was wondering… just how much will it tank?

Has anyone tried the new Workstation 16’s DirectX capabilities? Or even better, has anyone tried this themselves and have any tips/suggestions/etc?

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  1. I haven’t tried it … but, um, unless VMware fixed their installation of WS 16, DirectX 11 won’t work, because they bundled old tools in the new workstation and player. I went to [here](https://packages.vmware.com/tools/releases/) and downloaded:
    Then, I copied that to my install directory for player and used it to replace windows.iso. After that, the VMs were prompting for the new tools. So, be aware that there is a hassle in getting the new tools that contains the new video driver that supports DX11.
    I don’t use anything that needs DX11, so I can’t tell you whether it works well, or poorly.

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