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I can confirm


VMWare 15.0.4 does not really work with Windows10 1903 as Host as it should.

(upgraded from v14, cause I tought v14 is not 1903 ready)


If I create a new Windows10 Vmware with a bootable Windows10 ISO and it is

connected. VMWARE does not boot, only a black screen and Vmware hangs up

(vmware-vmx.exe cant be terminated, have to reboot windows)


So I started the Vmware without, that a ISO is connect, then vmware boots into

bootmenu, there I connected the ISO and could install windows10.


But if the OS is already booted (tried Windows10 and Ubuntu) and wanted

to connect a USB Drive, the same happends as before, Vmware hangs up,

and it is impossible to close it or terminate the vmware-vmx.exe process.


Same, if you drag&drop a file from the host to the vmware machine… freezes again.


tried it now 20 times… (with clean install of vmware and everything..)


there is a big bug in vmware if the host is 1903

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