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I’m looking for some guidance on a VDI solution I’m trying to build. Our standard VDI solution is comprised of Horizon non-persistent desktops with App Volumes (appstacks only, no writable volumes) for application delivery and DEM for configuration and protection of user profile data. This solution works well for the majority of our employees.


On my IT team, we have been using persistent full-clone desktops without App Volumes or DEM so we can install software specific to our individual needs. There’s been a request from other IT teams to have a way to install their own software as well. Given the scale, I don’t consider full-clone desktops to be a viable solution going forward mainly because I don’t want to be maintaining VMware Tools and the Horizon Agent on 30+ persistent desktops. As an alternative,I’ve been considering adding ‘UIA with Profile’ writable volumes onto our current VDI solution just for IT users.


I understand that doing this will cause conflicts between the profile on the writable volume and the profile exported/import by DEM. Based upon what I could find online, it appears this is doable as long as I modify the snapvol.cfg file on the writable to exclude any locations being exported/imported by DEM. Am I correct in my understanding? Is there anything else that I am missing?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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