Zabbix spam in vCenter Events

Hello, Friends.

I have several vCenter servers that are monitored by Zabbix, using standard Zabbix templates. Zabbix connects several times per minute via SSH and it creates a huge number of entries in logs and in “Events” in the vCenter. Is there any way to avoid these log entries? If you authorize by certificate – will messages be written to the log? Can I create something like a Solution User for Zabbix?

The Zabbix and VMware Community communities have not received an answer 🙁

Someone else is using Zabbix (I’m sure you are), how did you manage to do that?

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  1. You could setup a syslog server like graylog, which is recommendable anyways since the vCenter log viewer is dogshit, and forward the vCenter/ESXi logs to the syslog server, filter the messages or whatever and view logs through that.

  2. I will just add my two cents in…also using Zabbix to monitor via the web api and just stare at all the pretty login and logout messages -_-

    It has been on my list to work on but so far I have had other projects take higher priority

  3. What are you collecting in ESXi – we collected all the data we needed (mostly hardware / power metrics etc.) via the BMC (HPE iLO4+)

    Would also recommend the syslog approach. Zabbix 4 has better methods to create triggers on data from log sources. When your host is down you’ll be thankful for shipping syslog data elsewhere to dig into.

    Another way you can do it is using the vCenter events triggers to send an event to Zabbix.

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