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I would like to hear from a few of you who are using zero clients to connect to your VDI system via the internet.

Our system setup, Security server in DMZ, to Connection Servers on LAN, to VDI system running view 7.5.3


For the most it works very well but at the same time we do get 3 to 6 random people who get dropped daily out of around 150 remote sessions, i guess this is not horrible but an annoyance none the less. The users tend to be able to reconnect in short order right back to their desktop to where it was. Our LAN zero clients don’t see these issues.


My questions – Are zero clients in general just not as robust to handle latency issues as a windows desktop? We have hundreds of windows VPN issues that are considered stable but i’m sure they go through latency problems that the general user just does not know about due to an issue just doesn’t black out their screen and drop them like a zero client can and does.


Have any of you had drops issues and were able to correct it. I’ve tried some PCoIP configurations to use less bandwidth, and low bandwidth codec etc but even with those zero clients we still get a drops, less than full latency clients but they still drop.


I’d like to hear your views on zero clients on the internet.


Thanks all.

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