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I have a 1GB network connection on my Lenovo X3650 M5 server and was originally backing up a couple of VM’s using the community version of Veeam 9.5 Update 4b. This works perfectly and has no issue. I have exactly the same setup on an HPe DL360 Gen 9 and it also works perfectly.


I upgraded the network on both and put in a mellonox 10GB card and set it up to have a management port on the 10GB connection. All fine so far.


When I run the backup using Veeam on the HPe 10GB management network it works fne and backs up the VM’s. However when I do the same with the Lenovo it completes the backup and then the IP stops responding. Can’t ping it, can’t get into the UI, nothing. Using the 1GB management network and checking the network stuff everything looks okay but to actually get it working I have shutdown and restart ESXi.


The ESXi version is the Lenovo version and is 6.7 update 3 but it has done this with update 1 and 2 as well.

If I use the 1GB management network for the backup everything is fine.


I deleted the 10GB network stuff from ESXi and recreated them and same issue.


Any ideas on what may be happening appreciated.

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