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Hi msripada,


Here is the output of service-control –start –all. I hope you can direct me to the solution.

Also, see all the VMware services, their status and startup type. This is after running the command above.


Thank you,



Service: vmware-cis-config, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:43.402Z   State for service vmware-cis-config: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:44.433Z   Successfully started service vmware-cis-config

Service: VMWareAfdService, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:44.433Z   State for service VMWareAfdService: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:46.465Z   Successfully started service VMWareAfdService

Service: rhttpproxy, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:46.465Z   State for service rhttpproxy: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:52.543Z   Successfully started service rhttpproxy

Service: VMWareDirectoryService, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:52.543Z   State for service VMWareDirectoryService: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:55.590Z   Successfully started service VMWareDirectoryService

Service: VMWareCertificateService, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:55.590Z   State for service VMWareCertificateService: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:57.622Z   Successfully started service VMWareCertificateService

Service: VMwareIdentityMgmtService, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:57.622Z   State for service VMwareIdentityMgmtService: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:21:59.887Z   Successfully started service VMwareIdentityMgmtService

Service: VMwareSTS, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:21:59.887Z   State for service VMwareSTS: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:02.919Z   Successfully started service VMwareSTS

Service: VMwareComponentManager, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:02.919Z   State for service VMwareComponentManager: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:23.093Z   Successfully started service VMwareComponentManager

Service: vmware-license, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:23.093Z   State for service vmware-license: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:33.147Z   Successfully started service vmware-license

Service: VMWareNetworkCoredumpWebserver, Action: start

‘VMWareNetworkCoredumpWebserver’ startMode is Disabled, skipping to start:

Service: vmware-psc-client, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:33.148Z   State for service vmware-psc-client: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:36.205Z   Successfully started service vmware-psc-client

Service: vmwareServiceControlAgent, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:36.206Z   State for service vmwareServiceControlAgent: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:47.274Z   Successfully started service vmwareServiceControlAgent

Service: vmware-network-coredump, Action: start

‘vmware-network-coredump’ startMode is Disabled, skipping to start:

Service: vapiEndpoint, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:47.275Z   State for service vapiEndpoint: STOPPED

2018-07-06T12:22:58.388Z   Successfully started service vapiEndpoint

Service: vPostgres, Action: start

2018-07-06T12:22:58.389Z   State for service vPostgres: STOPPED

Unable to start service vPostgres, Exception: {

    “resolution”: null,

    “detail”: [


            “args”: [



            “id”: “install.ciscommon.service.failstart”,

            “localized”: “An error occurred while starting service ‘vPostgres'”,

            “translatable”: “An error occurred while starting service ‘%(0)s'”



    “componentKey”: null,

    “problemId”: null


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