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first and foremost vmware you suck , that shit right now cost me a few hours.

The webui client sucks , it’s annoying me and many other people at my company on daily basis.

Also forcing people to use it, is ridicolous. It isn’t even feature complete.


Just a lesson on how to replace software:


1. Make the alternative (webui client)

2. Make sure it’s FEATURE COMPLETE (! you missed that point)

3. Make sure it’s not worse than the previous software (vsphere client is still way better and has less bugs)

4. Make sure it’s working for your customers

5. Don’t force people to switch





Don’t have special chars in the name of your vm or vmdk file. For me it was “[” and “]” which caused the import process to break.

But now comes the best part, this was working properly on another host, which still allowed me to use vsphere windows native client.
So it’s obviously a regression in the webui client.

I can’t guarantee it’s the same issue for you but it was mine (other reason can be: cd iso file attached in the original vm which was used to create the .ova/ovf files)




Manaully edit the .ovf file change the name of the disk so it has no speical chars anymore and then change the name of the .vmdk file to match the name in the .ovf

I didn’t bother to find out how this can be done for .ovas but i guess it’s possible as well.


Now to the final point of my rant: “How come no one was able to reproduce this ?! Just put in a little more effort to help your cusomtomers. “


Then i wouldn’t need to write this post here to help other people just because you weren’t able to



Edit: One thing i forgot : Also provide proper error messages , e.g : “Couldn’t find disk image ‘my[3]ubuntuvm-disk1.vmdk’ in uploaded files : [……………..]” , so one knows exactly what was expected and what the actual received files. 

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