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Hi all,


I would like to ask fo advice on the following topic:


We have a host that holds some 8-10 VMs that have CAD software installed on them.

After the host was upgraded from esxi 6.0 to esxi 6.5 (with latest firmware and esxi), the users have reported an incredible slowdown in the performance of the CAD applications.


I was invesigating what may be the cause and so far just by disabling the Meltdown/Spectre mitigations in the VM OS (Windows 7) using the InSpectre tool, i have been able to achieve a twofold performance increase. However, this is not a desired state for the VM and I woul like to have the Meltdown/Spectre mitigations in place again.

And even with this spped up the user still repored a much slower performance when comared prior to the upgrade experience.


Was there something in esxi 6.5 that may have changed as to cause such a dramatic performance degradation.


From what I have observerd the calculations that the users perform are hitting the CPU hard but not the GPU.

The software that they use is Solidworks 2017.


The VMs have an Nvidia Grid vSGA configured to them but from what I can see they have no problem displaying the content.


The (8) VMs were configured with 10vCPUs which caused the %RDY to spike to around 20%.

In order to remediate that I had reconfigured the VMs to only have 4 vCPUs.  This has brought down the %RDY to manageable 2-3% but the users reported a 10-15%  decrease in processing speed. This counters my logic and at this point I am at a loss on how to proceeed analyzing the problem.

I contemplated using the Numa.FollowCoresPerSocket = 1 config settiing but I am fairly certain that Solidworks is not NUMA aware.


I would very much apppreciate if someone could point me in a direction to further investigate.


To summarize:

Hardware: HP DL380G9 512 GB/2x E5-2687W/Storage attached

VMs: Windows 7, Solidworks 2016

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