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Hello Together,


I’m new here. My english is not the best but i will try to explain my actual problem.


we are running vcenter in version 6.7

with to cluster and three host at the moment.

the hosts in the clusters have different processors, because of that we split it into two clusters.

we are not using vmotion from one cluster to the other cluster.

the third host is planed for non critical vms.









now i will explain the problem:

After a reboot ESX03 has a fatal Error 11 problem with Volume (installed on sd card)

we can’t boot anymore.


Now it shows this state in vcenter:


ESX03 (Disconnect)

VM1 (Disconnected)

VM2 (Disconnected)

VM3 (Disconnected)


On the VMs a lot of settings greyed out. so i’m not possible to remove the vm from inventory and add it to anothers host



Do somebody has an idea what we can try?


Thanks a lot




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