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Hi, Noobie here. I joined a new job and inherited a Vcenter Server 6 setup.
There are multiple datastores and one is having around 5 GB space and is filling up fast. So I need to make space in few days max.
I checked the data store and found a folder which contain a 300gb VMDK file and 32 GB .VWSP file.
I think these are Disk and Ram SWAP files for some VM. I checked in settings of each VM and cannot find this VMDK attached to any of them.
Does that mean that it is a zombie file and I can safely move/delete it?


If incase I moved the VMDK or VSWP file to some other datastore with space, and found out that some VM are not working after the move, What shall I do? Is just moving that file back to the same folder gonna work? Or do I have to edit some configuration somewhere before it will identify it again and continue working?

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