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Hello, I am desperate to find what could cause this issue and this is the situation make it or break it. Contract is hanging on the balance. But as usual vmware support doesn’t help my situation either.


issue : Changing VMNIC to unused makes ssh session to Virtual Machine disconnected and ping loss 20 seconds.


1) There is two NIC teamed VMNIC2-active , VMNIC4 – standby

2) sometime ago VMNIC2 failed ( switch was faulty ) – Failback = No is policy for this customer.

3) So VMNIC4 is active even if the config shows VMNIC2 as active.


The Question is

VMware Document says RARP sent out when VMotion, NIC failed, VM start

but what if I change standby vmnic to Unused?

Does it still send RARP to external switch?


Thank you for reading this, I hope I could find solution soon.


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