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Hi everyone,

I am new to vmware so have some very basics question:

1)When creating a VM, one option is to choose a ESXI host that will provide compute resource for the VM such as processor.

Does this compute resource also include RAM ? if yes    is  it allocated out of ESXI HOST’s total RAM?


2) Let say we have single socket dual core processor, assume hyper threading is not enabled.

Will  ESXI  see   1X2= 2 Logical processors or pcpu?

If hyper threading is enabled, then :

ESXI see 1 x2X2=4 Logical processors?


3)  VCPUS are mapped to logical processors in some ratio,  Ideally we want single VCPU mapped to single Logical CPU ( pCPU) to avoid contention. But we can also do over subscription for example:  4 VCPU are mapped to single Logical Processor ( pcpu), the draw back is 4 vCPU will be scheduled to single logical Processor , depending upon the load ,some VCPU will have to wait longer than others to be serviced by the logical processor.


Did i get it right?


4)  Let say we want to achieve following goal:

Bare minimum, a VM is given 2 VCPU, but in case of heavy load such as VCPU  hitting 190% utilization combined, i.e  each VCPU is at 95% utilization,   VM should be able to request 2 additional vCPU to meet the demand. Once the demand is gone, these 2 additional  VCPU should be returned to ESXI host.  Is it possible?



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