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Hallo ,


I’m curious know this. I was bit hesitant to ask this but few colleagues is office thinks I’m did not follow the right procedure and blame gaming is starting.


We have Dell R730 Server. It has both 10 Gbps and 25 Gbps NICs.

Initially only 10 Gbps card was used but then we decided to move the migrate to 25 Gbps. So our network team patched the cables and I inserted in all ESXi hosts.

But the links showed down. After some troubleshooting we though that Network card drivers must be updated.

I went to dell site and searched for the driver. Driver was not there. There is only firmware. So I download the firmware, update the firmware and the Link was up.

So I repeated it on all 10 servers.


After one week, 4 ESXi servers lost network connectivity, vSphere HA got triggered and shutdown the VMs. Issue got escalated big time. We asked VMware Support. GSS  concluded the Network card was a problem. We went to dell. Dell asked me, why did you not upgraded the driver. I asked where is the driver. He said driver is owned by VMware. VMware says they do not own neither firmware or driver.


My question – When the card is owned by Dell, am I wrong when I went to Dell site to update the firmware or you think I should first go to Vmware site , then update the driver and then firmware.

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