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We have been searching for hours and following steps on how to reclaim space on a thin provisioned VM with no luck.


Nothing seems to be working.


We have tried – https://community.webcore.cloud/tutorials/how_to_reclaim_disk_space_from_a_thin_provisioned_/


Nothing changed afterwards.


And UNMAP command is not supported.


These are some outputs


VAAI Plugin Name:

   ATS Status: unsupported

   Clone Status: unsupported

   Zero Status: unsupported

   Delete Status: unsupported


   Revision: 3.45

   SCSI Level: 5

   Is Pseudo: false

   Status: on

   Is RDM Capable: true

   Is Local: true

   Is Removable: false

   Is SSD: false

   Is VVOL PE: false

   Is Offline: false

   Is Perennially Reserved: false

   Queue Full Sample Size: 0

   Queue Full Threshold: 0

   Thin Provisioning Status: unknown

   Attached Filters:

   VAAI Status: unsupported

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