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Hi All
I’m not a guru on VM but I am having an issue creating an DS on RAID1 as in it will not let me.  RAID5 is fine though.  This is the set up…


We have our new server as follows


Dell PowerEdge R540

Dual Xeon Silver 4210 processors

64Gb RAM

2 x 200GB SSD in RAID 1 to cater for the MS2019

3 x 600GB HDD in RAID 5 for the user and shared data

1 x 600GB HDD hot spare for RAID 5


Installed VMWare ESXi 6.7 on a USB Flash Drive.

Set up the two virtual drives in the Dell PERC H730P RAID Controller and initialised.

Booted into ESXi and I can see both virtual drives however, the RAID 1 SSD will not let me configure as a Datastore.  RAID 5 HDD is fine and I have created a test MS2019 VM on it.

I have tried a Full Disk and a Custom option in creating the DS but it does not allow me to select the 178GB VMFS


Have any of you come across this issue before?  I have read up various articles and carried out their suggestions like partedUtil, getptbl and MTU 1500 settings etc. to no avail.


I have attached 5 screenshots.


I would be interested in your views.  I set up the server on my test server with no issues but the I wasn’t running two Virtual Disks and didn’t encounter this problem.  Apparently this problem is also documented with previous versions of ESXi.  Our current server is also set up with VMWare on ESXi 5 but not running two VDs.


Many thanks in advance.



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