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Why are you so aggressive? We are trying to help you here and your details are not as clear as you think. And most people here aren’t VMware employees either. We help others here in our free time. Therefore, a more friendly tone would be appropriate.


But back to your problem. What I don’t understand is the following:


You write that you want the certificate for ESXi, but try to access the domain “vcenter01.rob.com”. This is confusing. But you also write that you are redirected directly to the login screen and do not see the start page in the screenshot.


However, this start page only appears for the vCenter. If you access the ESXi host directly via the host client, the login window appears directly. That’s normal.


So, either you have a vCenter running, then use this URL, or if you only have an ESXi host without vCenter, then try the following instructions for the chrome browser:


– In the address bar, click on the left side on the lock symbol

– Choose the menu option “certificate” (a new window will pop up)

– Click on the tab “Details”

– Click on “Copy to file” and save the certificate file

– Close the chrome browser

– Double-click the newly created file and run the Windows Import Wizard

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