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Hi ,


I’ve Solved this problem last Night.



The Problem was occurs by ks.cfg that was built-in the image


how to solve is you need to use another ks.cfg file , right ?


This Problem was solved by this step.


1. Create new ks.cfg by copy ks.cfg in this link (use notpad, new notepad file and copy ks script below to new file then save to “ks.cfg”)
About the Default ks.cfg Installation Script




the ks.cfg file is contain the following commands




# Sample scripted installation file


# Accept the VMware End User License Agreement


# Set the root password for the DCUI and Tech Support Mode
rootpw myp@ssw0rd


# Install on the first local disk available on machine
install –firstdisk –overwritevmfs


# Set the network to DHCP on the first network adapter
network –bootproto=dhcp –device=vmnic0


# A sample post-install script
%post –interpreter=python –ignorefailure=true
import time
stampFile = open(‘/finished.stamp’, mode=’w’)
stampFile.write( time.asctime() )






2. copy ks.cfg to usb that contain HPE – ESXi Image.


3. Boot image, like normally


4. When ESXi boot , type shift + O to enter boot option



5. change boot option to use Installation Script from usb (file that you copied to usb)

use this link to guide how to change boot option


Boot Options



the command , should be


ks=usb cdxxxxxxxx………….



* I was forget about the big character, just leave as previously , not change anything.


6. Now You can Install ESXi  with Successful




Hope this not too late for this problem,



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