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I have the exact same issue…..  I reported this over on the Re: Cannot export to OVA after Upgrade to 6.5 thread, as I, unfortunately, found that thread before I found this one, but the end result is exactly the same as you stated….  My only difference is the host machine I am using is an HP Proliant DL360 Gen 9 server.  I should also state I’m not trying to export a Linux distribution, either, but rather, they’re all Windows OS platforms…..  Varying types (i.e., Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 and Windows 7 during today’s attempts).


I had read (elsewhere) that OVF Tool could be leveraged to accomplish the task-at-hand, which bothers me greatly–never having used that tool before….  Looks like I need to get acquainted with it, since I don’t see/hear anything which makes me believe a fix for this in the Web GUI is in the offing anytime soon….  I dislike having to resort to this, as I see the issue at-hand as a defect in the current GUI, and I shouldn’t have to download a different tool, learn how to use it, (and deal with outputs different from what I am accustomed to).  I mean, I guess I am ‘glad’ such a ‘workaround’ exists (it could be worse and no workaround exists), but I would like to believe something is actively being done on this particular matter–and is getting solved rather than relegating it to the back burner simply because a “workaround” exists…..


Now I have to take time out of schedule and try to get savvy enough to use OVF Tool…..


I suppose I could look at this a yet another learning experience–and making myself all the more marketable by not being stymied when hitting one brick wall–turning 90 degrees and running smack dab into another brick wall….  What quirks will I encounter with OVF Tool, I wonder….


Would be very nice to hear from someone in authority that this matter (along with the other “quirks” I mentioned on that other thread) are actively being addressed.


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