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I am trying to passthrough the primary GPU of my host to a VM. Passthrough is enabled and I can add it as a PCI device to the VM.


However, when I try to start the VM, I get an error saying that:



Failed – Module ‘DevicePowerOn’ power on failed.


  • Module ‘DevicePowerOn’ power on failed.
  • Failed to register the device pciPassthru1 for 129:0.0 due to unavailable hardware or software support.
  • Failed to start the virtual machine.


And dmesg reads


PCIPassthru: 2938: Can’t use virtual IOMMU with devices with dependencies sdbf=0000:81:00.0 which refers to my GPU


Any ideas what I could do to make this work would be much appreciated.


(I have tried making the GPU not the primary GPU in my host but although I select another GPU in the video configuration of my bios, it still is initialized and used as primary GPU. I can passthrough the other GPU in my host but I need that one for another VM.)

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