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I’ve got my C220 M3 working by swapping to legacy BIOS, but I don’t consider this to be a permanent solution!


I tried a few combinations of UEFI (no secure boot), UEFI with secure boot, and legacy BIOS, and the only work that works is legacy BIOS.


After changing I could boot the server, and then successfully apply the U3 patches.


Interestingly enough a UEFI enabled host has an extra patch required versus legacy BIOS.


I’ll try the update on my C220 M4s over the next few days.


In the meantime i’ll leave my 1 x C220 M3 as legacy BIOS, and not bother running the update on my other M3 which is still running with UEFI secure boot on the latest 6.7 U2.


Something in U3 appears to have broken UEFI boot on “older” servers/computers

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