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I have vSphere with tanzu environment which was work properly.

after a downtime which I had to reboot all nodes( ESXi,vCenter,NSX)

now I cant get images when deploying new pods.


the error I get when apply new yaml file:

failed to get images: Image fitness/redis-8d0bcad8bdda90b91a150fdec3d9c6fe94e3dcd7-v68881 has failed. Error: Failed to resolve on node. Reason: Http request failed. Code 400: ErrorType(2) failed to do request: Head https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/bitnami/redis/manifests/


status of the new pod is “ErrImagePull “


#kubectl get pods

NAME                          READY   STATUS         RESTARTS   AGE

cart-795fb45db5-cs8lg         0/1     ErrImagePull   0          61s

cart-795fb45db5-pbpzd         0/1     Pending        0          23s

cart-redis-75b6495979-brrjm   1/1     Running        0          7m29s


all seems to be working properly. all NSX devices appear green, I can login to the supervisor cluster and manage pods, Harbor appear healthy.


any suggestion how to fix it?



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