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Firstly, My apologies if this is not the correct location to post this type of content.


I’m in the process of developing a clustered filesystem solution for a managed service environment. GlusterFS was the first to dive into, given that it offers many features that we can benefit from. If I’m understanding this correctly, GlusterFS would reside on VMFS, given that the “Hard drives” are going to be within this layer. I understand that VMFS provides locking for the VM only, and clustering on the application layer with this is not possible.

Theoretically, the configuration would appear as:




    OS (Linux)







There are also affinity rules in place (that could be disabled), that allow HA between two geographically separated data centers.

My question is are there any negative impacts that could occur from having multiple VM’s (3), that replicate their data between themselves, in this configuration?

I also understand that a dedicated hardware solution would be the best, however that is not an option.


Thank you.

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