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I am using the latest version of ESXi on my home server. Currently these are two virtual machines.

One with Windows 7 and 10 (MySql Server).

Currently I have the problem again and again, that the assigned HostCPU is with few Mhz (sometimes 12 MHz) and very fluctuate (although on the computer some jobs run)

As a result, the two machines cannot communicate correctly with each other (timeout).

The average CPU utilization in the VSphere Center is 20%.


The following configuration:

Both machines have 2 CPU assigned (2:1)

ESXi Reservation 500 mhz (for the CPU)

Both machines I have deactivated the power saving mode

Also on the ESXi host

CPU on the ESXi host one Intel Core i7 8550U (Core 4 / 8 thread)


How do I prevent that the computers get so little CPU time or that the existing CPUs are also exploited (the computers actually have enough to do)?

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