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Hello everyone

After many years I am going back to testing VMware for a specific environment, and due to this absence, I am having some problems that I am missing in how to solve.



How is my scenario:

1 server with:

RTX 8000

128 GB of memory

88 Processor Colors.

2 SSDs (1 for system and one for storage of VMs and ISOs)

I installed the VMWare ESXi version 6.7.


What I need to do:

Install a Windows 10 VM and bundle via PCI-passthrough this RTX 8000 for installation and licensing.

After that install a VM with another Windows 10 and link this RTX 8000 to test work via vGPU with video editing programs.



But I’m having trouble installing driver, both the process recommended by Nvidia in their forum, don’t work and some commands give synthesis error which I am not used to solving at the moment so I’m trying to learn again.


Screenshot at Oct 29 17-54-16.png

Can anyone give me some tips or study link, I would be very grateful if they are a link to who successfully installed.

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