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With VMWare Powershell commandlets/powercli


I can launch an application on a guest machine(on the esx server) using below commandlet.


$script = ‘”%programfiles%Common FilesMicrosoft SharedMSInfomsinfo32.exe” /report “%tmp%inforeport”‘

Invoke-VMScript -ScriptText $script -VM “win10-test” -GuestCredential $r -ScriptType Bat


But these set of commandlets launches only console based applications.

If we try to launch an application with GUI, it launches in background process and we can’t see UI.


Is there anyway to launch an application in foreground.

I need to launch my exe which is used for GUI testing of our product.


I am able to do in virtualbox, with below command.


vboxmanage.exe guestcontrol machinename run –exe “C:usersudayDesktopone.exe” –username uday –password mypassword


But no option in vmware powercli

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