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I’m trying to migrate VMs from HyperV to vCenter but i get stuck at the very beginning.

I launch the standalone tool,

select convert machine

and from the drop select Hyper-V server


Is it in the box “Specify server connection information”  that i add the Hyper-V server name and credentials?

Username: “Administrator”? which is the local Admin for this 2012 server we have Hyper-V installed.


I have installed the agent on both my local machine and the Windows 2012 server to which i have the Hyper-V running.

I have logged to the server with the Administrator credentials, so i know its not the username password,

i have tried to connect to the Hyper-V via the my laptop and the Server which has the Hyper-V service. but no success.

Can someone help

i don’t think its a port issue, like i said i tried running the standalone tool from the machine that has the Hyper-V service enabled, so no ports would be blocking within Hyper-v machine…

error i get is a network issue.

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