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Hello All,


I have a two node cluster running esxi 6.5 U2. Some VM’s are showing as inaccessible. So far I have done the following steps but have not been able to resolve issue.


1. Removed one VM from vCenter  inventory but was unable to add it back. Register VM option is greyed out when browsing the VM files from datastore.

2. Logged in to esx host via putty and navigated to one inaccessible VM folder,tried deleting .vmx.lck and .vmx` file but got an error and was not able to delete.

3. Vmotion all vm’s from host1 to host2.

4. Put host1 in maintainence mode and then reboot.

5.tried registering VM same issue as step1. Tried steps in step2 , same result.

6. Vmotion all vm’s from host2 to host1.

7. Put host2 in maintainence mode and reboot.

8. Tried things as per step 5 still no luck.


Appreciate if anyone can please advice on steps on how to resolve this issue.


Thank you

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