Intel NUC7 i7 DNHE & VMWare 6.5, 6.7: Installation hangs

Hi all,


I just got a brand new Intel NUC7.


When installing the device, the procedures always hangs (or: seems to hang) at “initializing storage stack”.


I have done some searching but I didn’t find any strategy on how to handle this.


For starters, I was also trying to get a more verbose output during installation (like what exactly is stuck at that message, see above) etc., but also I didn’t find any boot time option for the installer to get a more detailled output.


Configuration is:

– 32GB RAM

– Samsung 960 Pro 512 M.2

– Seagate 2TB HDD


Any help welcome, since without ESXi on that system I would need to send it back again ;(



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